Which Online Casino Games Gives You the Best Chance at Winning

Online casinos give players the chance to play real casino games from their computer or mobile device. Over the last few years, these gambling sites have become more popular than ever, advertising big bonuses and loads of games. Compared to a land-based casino, online gambling sites offer a much wider range of games to choose from, including slots and classic table games. If you want to start playing online casino games, it’s a good idea to choose a game that gives you a high chance of winning.

At online casinos, you’re playing directly against the house. This is different from online poker, where you play against real opponents. As a result, the house always has an advantage in each game you play. However, some games have a lower advantage than others, meaning they give you a better chance of winning. You can check this before you play by looking at the game information for the return to player (RTP) rate. This percentage tells you how much you could potentially win back when playing the game over a long period of time.


Blackjack is considered to be the best table game to play when you join an online casino. Compared to other games, it has a very low house edge, and the RTP rate is typically just above 99%. This means that when you play over a long period of time, you’re less likely to lose a large amount of money and have a good chance of making a profit. Although the house edge is very low, it’s still present though, and you could still lose lots due to bad luck.

The other advantage of playing blackjack is that it includes an element of skill, making it more fun than other games that are pure luck. You’ll need to follow the basic blackjack strategy to play well and have the highest return-to-player rate possible. This can take some time to learn, but you can find lots of online guides and even apps to help you out.


Roulette is a very popular casino game that’s been around for hundreds of years. It’s fun to play and incredibly simple too. Unlike blackjack, roulette is a luck-based game where the outcome is determined by random chance. You choose the number or place that you think the ball will land and then watch as the croupier drops the ball onto the spinning wheel.

The RTP rate of roulette will change depending on which version you play. There’s European roulette, French roulette, and American roulette. A lot of online casinos will offer all three, and you can sometimes find other versions too. French roulette offers the best chance of winning because it has only one green space and some special rules. When you bet on the even money payout options in French roulette, either the la partage or en prison rule will come into play. This potentially lets you win back your stake on the next spin of the wheel. The RTP of French roulette is above 98%.


Baccarat is another classic table casino game and it shares some similarities with blackjack. Players play against the dealer and try to beat their hand without going over a particular number. Instead of 21, you need to get as close to nine as possible in baccarat. However, hands can only have a single-digit number. If they go above nine, only the second digit is counted as the hand total.

Before the game, players bet on who they think will win. They can bet on themselves, the dealer, or a tie. The dealer bet, or bank as it’s normally known, offers the best chance of winning. Although you pay a 5% commission on winning bets, it pays out at above 98%. Betting on the player is slightly lower, while the tie bet is much lower despite the higher payout.

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