The thematic diversity of slots: historical, contemporary and timeless references

Slots, also known as slot machines like Online slot, are one of the online activities that have the most fans. There are many users who spend part of their free time connecting to the network through a smart device and playing a game from anywhere and regardless of the time of day. There are hundreds of possibilities available in the catalog they present.

And it is that slot machines, since they migrated to the screens together with other casino games such as roulette or blackjack, offer Internet users a very wide variety of themes. Apart from offering unique features and a good graphic level that differentiate one from the other, they also have very varied settings that we are going to review below: from the most classic to the contemporary.

Classic references that do not go out of style

One of the classics that does not go out of style among slots such as PG SLOT เว็บตรง are the symbols with which they began in 1895. Although the first models simulated a game of poker, with five cards that appeared on the screen, some are still present to this day. On the other hand, other themes have done so, such as fruits with melons or cherries as protagonists, representative symbols of luck such as the number 7 or clovers, or jewels and diamonds of different colors.

If we focus on part of the general offer and without temporal references, we also find those that are inspired by landscapes, professions and cultures from around the world. For example, it is common to find safari or jungle animals in the game catalogue; as well as romantic occupations such as mining or pirates, or cultural references to countries like Mexico or Japan, whose traditions leave no one indifferent.

Putting the focus on temporality, there are historical recreations to set the scene for slot games. These are usually from yesteryear and go back hundreds of years, as tributes to Ancient Greece with its unmistakable buildings, to Ancient Rome with its very particular warriors or to Ancient Egypt with the pyramids in the middle of the desert. These three are considered as key civilizations to understand the History of Humanity.

And related to the culture and history of yesteryear, we can also find various approaches to mythology in the catalogue. In the line of the previous paragraph, it is worth noting the Greek mythology with Zeus or Poseidon, the Roman with Neptune or Venus, or the Egyptian with Ra or Osiris. Also of special mention in this section are mythological references to the Viking religion, very fashionable in recent times, with characters such as Thor, Loki or Odin.

Contemporary references

Not all are references to the past or the classic in the offer of slots. We can also find more modern recreations such as those that are inspired by films and series that are already part of the history of the seventh art. As for films, we can highlight classics adapted to slot machines such as the adventures of Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park.

Another of the contemporary references that can be seen is related to the world of music, with bands that have traveled the world and have thousands of followers. Some of the cases are Metallica or Guns N’ Roses, both serving as inspiration for various games in this sector.

So, what theme will you choose for your slot game?

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