StarCraft 2: A Concise Betting Guide

What’s the best way to bet on StarCraft 2?” That’s a question I hear all the time. It’s not a bad one either! But it can be difficult to answer because the answer is different for everyone. Some people just love playing StarCraft 2 and want to know about its competitive scene, while others want to start betting on their favorite games but aren’t sure how it works. In this guide, we’ll cover everything from tournaments and leagues to betting types so you can make an informed decision about how much involvement you want with esports betting.


StarCraft 2 is a real-time strategy game that pits three races against each other: the Terrans, the Zerg, and the Protoss. Each race has its own unique units and strategies, meaning there are hundreds of different matchups possible. The competitive scene for StarCraft 2 is very popular, with tournaments all over the world featuring thousands of dollars in prize money on offer to whoever comes out on top.

You can place bets on StarCraft matches just as you would any other sport or eSport – but this guide will help explain how betting works in this particular instance so you can make an informed decision when placing your bet!

StarCraft 2 Tournaments and Leagues

There are many tournaments and leagues to bet on, from major international events like the Code S series in Korea to smaller online competitions. StarCraft 2 betting works just like betting on other eSports. You can bet on money lines and spreads, with a variety of bookmakers offering odds on all types of matches.

StarCraft 2 Betting

What kind of bets can you make on StarCraft 2?

There are three main types of bets that you can place in relation to StarCraft 2: moneyline, handicap, and total. The moneyline bet is the simplest to understand; it is a straight-up wager on who will win the match. A handicap bet requires you to predict whether a team will win by more than one game (a “+1” handicap) or less than one game (a “-1”). The second type of wager involves predicting what the score will be at the end of each match; this is called “total.” If a team has been given an advantage in terms of points scored per map by their opponent, it may be more likely that they will win. For example, if Team A has been given an advantage over Team B because they’ve been given an extra map point on average when playing against each other historically then Team B might still come out victorious but only if they manage to win all three maps rather than just two out of three games. You must also take into account any bonus points that have been added as part of the tournament ruleset before placing any bets here too though as these can sometimes make for interesting outcomes worth considering.

Betting on StarCraft 2 can make the game even more exciting

You may have heard that betting on StarCraft 2 can be a good way to make money. It’s true; in fact, it’s legal in many countries around the world. In some places, such as Australia and the UK, it’s not even illegal!

In addition to being legal and not illegal according to both your own local laws and international law (which we’ll get into more later), betting on StarCraft 2 is also incredibly fun. Remember when you used to play as Protoss and just crush your opponents? Well, imagine how much better those games would’ve been if instead of winning just because your opponent was bad you could bet real money on them!

By now you’re probably wondering what tournaments offer StarCraft 2 betting opportunities so I’m going to go ahead and tell you: they’re everywhere! Whether it be online or at an old-fashioned brick & mortar sportsbook, there are plenty of options out there for those who want their tournament experience enhanced with some friendly competition between friends – or enemies – over bets placed within the same room using smartphones or even laptops.


The popularity of StarCraft 2 has grown steadily over the years and it is now one of the most watched esports in the world. With so many different betting options available, there’s something for everyone to enjoy whether you want to place a small wager or go all in with your bankroll!

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