March Madness Betting Strategies

If you are planning to make some March Madness bets for the upcoming NCAA Tournament, then you are going to need to come up with a plan. The NCAA Tournament does present a great opportunity to make some money, but only when things are done correctly.

The best sports bettors will tell you that you need to have some specific strategies when betting on March Madness, and that includes figuring out how to bet. Here are some of the most important betting strategies to remember to help you win big.

Make a Futures Bet

If you really want to win big when it comes to the NCAA Tournament, then you need to look at making a futures bet. This type of wager can actually be made at any point of the season, and you are going to get the best odds the earlier that you make a bet.

One of the most popular NCAA futures bets is picking the eventual national champion. That is also something that is pretty hard to do because of the randomness of this big event. You could also simply bet on a team to reach the Final Four, and that would only require four wins.

Always Look For Value

You should always be looking for value when betting on sports, but that’s especially true when trying to bet on March Madness. There are going to be some matchups that you simply want to stay away from because you just aren’t going to give yourself a chance to win any money.

Betting the moneyline in some of the first and second-round matchups is not going to be something that you want to do. If you see a team at odds at -300 or lower, then you want to stay away from that bet.

Identify Cinderella Teams

As soon as the brackets come out, you need to start identifying the teams that you think can be the Cinderella stories of the tournament. Not only can this help you win some bracket pools, but it can also help you win some money while betting on the NCAA Tournament.

If you want to win some serious money by betting on the NCAA Tournament, then you need to be willing to take some risks and bet on these Cinderella teams. Be smart about the teams that you choose, though, and don’t go throwing your entire bankroll in hopes of a crazy upset.

Limit Upset Picks

Upsets are going to happen in the NCAA Tournament, and that’s what makes this event so special. What you have to remember is that most of the upsets are going to happen early on, and you aren’t going to see many upsets in the later rounds.

By the time the tournament gets to the Sweet 16 or later, you are going to want to forget about trying to bet on Cinderella teams to win. Those teams are fun to root for and bet on in the early rounds, but eventually, the magic always runs out.

Change Betting Types

You are going to need to look at using different betting types if you want to be successful when betting on March Madness. The two best options are going to be betting against the spread and betting the total, but there are other options to explore as well.

You are going to find plenty of prop betting options for every single NCAA Tournament game, and those can provide plenty of value. Don’t be afraid to mix in some live betting as well as that can provide a great chance to win also.

Don’t Bet on Your Favorite Team

The hope is that your favorite team is in the NCAA Tournament, as that will give you a team to root for throughout the event. If your team does happen to have its name called on Selection Sunday, you want to stay away from that team when betting.

You need to focus on betting with your mind and not your heart when it comes to March Madness, as that’s the only way to make a good decision. You can make a small futures wager in hopes that it cashes, but don’t spend a ton of time backing your team.

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