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Important Things To Know About HealthTap

HealthTap Services provides telehealth virtual healthcare via the web and mobile apps. They deliver a range of services to individuals, health systems, insurance companies, and self-insured employers.

The service allows members to connect with doctors online, mainly via video chat or text messaging. They also offer a number of helpful features and tools.

Personalized care

HealthTap Services offers a variety of personalized care options, from primary and urgent care to behavioral health. Its primary care doctors provide comprehensive evaluations of a patient’s entire medical profile, including diet, exercise, stress levels, and other lifestyle factors.

The service also has a large library of health questions answered by its professional doctors, and a free online symptom checker that can help determine the cause of a user’s symptoms.

HealthTap’s doctors provide a number of personalized care services for its members, such as video consultations, prescriptions, lab tests, referrals, and more. There’s also a variety of tools to help users stay on track with their healthcare goals, such as a reminder system and a self-check tool that provides information about the possible causes of a person’s symptoms.

24/7 access to a doctor

HealthTap Services provides 24/7 access to a doctor through text and video consultations. Members can get primary care visits with a doctor of their choice, including urgent care, for $15 per month (billed $45 three months at a time).

The platform offers a network of 90,000 doctors from 147 specialties who offer free informational answers to HealthTap members’ questions and can also write prescriptions that are sent directly to a pharmacy near the user. However, users should be aware that this service is not intended for prescribing regulated substances, meds for mental illness, illegal pharmaceuticals, or lifestyle meds like weight loss pills.

HealthTap also has a large library of medical knowledge that is available for free through its search engine. This content is created and peer reviewed by top U.S. doctors and has been translated to 174 countries.

AI-augmented intelligence

In addition to accessing peer-reviewed healthcare information, HealthTap Services members also have the option of using an AI-augmented intelligence symptom checker. This tool helps members understand potential causes and suggests the most appropriate next steps for healthcare.

There is some concern, however, that AI will exacerbate existing biases in medicine. This concern is based on the fact that many software and algorithms are created by humans with innate preferences and imperfect data.

These issues can impede the ability of AI to help improve healthcare outcomes and exacerbate existing healthcare disparities. Therefore, it is critical that AI work closely with doctors and patients in order to achieve positive results.


HealthTap Services offers both Urgent Care and Primary Care services, which can be affordable to individuals without insurance. Its services are available both online and offline, and members can choose a long-term primary doctor to manage their ongoing health needs.

Healthcare costs have soared in recent years, and families have been forced to cut corners. HealthTap is a new provider that hopes to change that.

The company claims that consumers have access to the best medical information and doctors anywhere, anytime, in a secure virtual setting. It has a library of millions of questions, asked by consumers and answered by tens of thousands of U.S. doctors across 147 specialties.

Consumers can submit their health questions to a doctor for free, typically in hours. They can also search HealthTap’s knowledge base for health tips and advice. The service also includes a network of 90,000 volunteer U.S. doctors, whose knowledge is provided to members through interactive and peer-reviewed Q&A.

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