High Risks & High Roller Casino

There are many ways to gamble online, either in smaller bets or in a High Roller Casino. The latter can be found both as physical locations and as gambling sites online. With higher bets you also has to contend with higher risks, when the jackpot-chase turns into a mire of potential financial devastation. But the rewards can be equally great. In this article we will look at both sides high-stakes gambling online.

High Roller Casino – Fortune favours the bold

“Fortune favours the bold” is a classic proverb that can be applied to many scenarios in life. The meaning is self-explanatory, we gain more from being brave and adventurous than we would with a safer approach. This is especially true in regards to gambling online. When betting your money on an internet-based casino, you stand to win more if your stake is higher.

There are two sides of every coin, however. A high stake can also mean greater losses if the fortune you seek is absent. On High Roller Casinos, gambling sites catering to the more bold players among us, the pendulum can swing either way. On these casino platforms you are one bet away from either exceptional wealth or devastating losses. As tumultuous this may sound, many gamblers find the higher stake games more engaging.

“High Roller” is a term used precisely to describe people that enter a casino or gambling site with high stakes in mind. The term was coined way back in the 1930’s and has been part of the casino-vocabulary ever since. A High Roller usually spends thousands upon thousands of dollars each month on various casino games. The most popular of which being games of chance such as roulette, cards or dice.

But why bet so high when gambling online? Are High Roller Casino profitable and sustainable? And what are the risks involved in this type of gambling? These questions will all be answered down below, where we have created two lists consisting of both the pros and the cons of a High Roller-life at online casinos.

The pros and cons with high stakes on online casinos

We begin by going through all the aspects of High Roller-gambling that can be perceived as good or preferential.

  • Bigger winnings
  • More excitement
  • Access to exclusive gambling experiences
  • Preferential treatment

Bigger winnings

The first point is also the most obvious one. If you gamble with higher stakes you also stand to win more. This is especially true when gambling on slots. Many virtual slot machines have the value of their payouts determined by your stake. This is usually done by a multiplication of the money you put in the game during the winning round. This is also true for card games and other Live-experiences High Roller Casino.

More excitement

It is also more stimulating to put more money on the betting-line. With smaller stakes, you get the enjoyment of the casino experience. There is some excitement and joy whenever you manage to win. If you bet greater sums of money however, you become more invested in the game taking place before you. Greater risks, greater rewards.

Access to exclusive gambling experiences

Another perk that many High Rollers get to experience is the special games set up by casinos specifically for them. When you gamble for more money than usual online, you can get access to particular games with a very high buy-in. This means that your initial bet and subsequent bets must be of a certain value. More modest and careful gamblers will never experience these High Stakes-games set up by the casinos.

Preferential treatment

Lastly, and unsurprisingly, people that are willing to spend more money at a casino also gets preferential treatment. This is true in life in general, where the rich and the privileged are held in somewhat higher esteem by businesses.

High Roller Casinos aren´t different in this regard. Amongst other things, gamblers whom places bigger bets at an online casino can be privy to certain rewards in form of bonuses. It is not unusual that these include invitations to actual casinos around the world and vacations.

The cons are as follows:

  • Potentially damaging economically
  • Greater susceptibility to addiction
  • Could be unlicensed
  • Taxation of winnings

Potentially damaging economically

The most prevalent downside of high stake-games online is the potential for losses. These can be absolutely ruinous if your not careful with your bets. Losing at an online casino is one thing, but losing vast sums of money from an ill-placed high stake is always a risk that High Rollers have to take into consideration. There are countless tales of men and women who has lost entire lifesavings in this type of gambling.

Greater susceptibility to addiction

Due to the more stimulating environment that comes with gambling at a High Roller Casino, the people partaking in this practice also runs a greater risk of developing and addiction. Gambling in general is more addictive than many other activities. But people gambling for massive sums online has proven to be even more susceptible to the throws of gambling addiction.

Could be unlicensed

Another thing that makes High-stakes gambling a potential issue is the licensing of the sites in question. You might have to go beyond your region to find a site that offers these type of games and opportunities.

In turn, this could mean that you gamble on a casino platform which lacks the proper licensing for gambling or operate under a much more relaxed ruleset. Therefor you need to be vigilant when reading up on a High Roller Casino to ensure that the license in place will protect you in case of complications.

Taxation of winnings

Lastly, there is the question of taxation of earnings and winnings. Essentially every state in the western hemisphere taxes what you win on casinos and gambling to some degree. When you gamble on a casino for High Rollers, these payments can be considerable in size and value. This makes it perhaps less enticing, if yet a societal necessity.

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